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Friday, August 21, 2009


This week we learned about Dragonflies. We utilized the free Dragonfly
unit study and lapbook at HSS. This was such a fun and great study.
The children were genuinely intersted in learning all about dragonflies. I must say they are very intersting creatures. I did not know that most of them are first water creatures. (Being born in the water, and then later they come to land.) In fact many live underwater for 2 years, then emerge into adults that fly and only live 4-6 weeks.
Our dragonfly craft. We created these with Pipecleaners and googly eyes.

Lapbook cover page and mini books.

Inside mini books

The Extreme Cuisine mini book I made up myself. It is based on a book called BugALicious.

It tells about people around the world that eat insects and how they are prepared.

We learned that dragonlflies are eaten in Thailand. They are caught with a sap covered stick.The wings are removed and then they are grilled, boiled or fried in coconut milk and ginger.

Vocabulary words, dragonfly has word, definition is under.