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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lost Sea Adventures

This past Friday we went on a field trip to the Lost Sea.
It is an underground cave near Sweetwater Tn.
The cave has a 4 acre underground lake.

This is the entrance to the cave.
We walked a little ways and saw this big rock in the ground.
We also rode on a boat on the underground lake.
We got to see some of the huge rainbow trout that they put in the lake.
This is one in a case, because I couldn't get a good picture of them
in the dark cave. But we could see them splashing all around.
A 2000 year old rock, and we got to touch it! Cool!

We learned about stalactites (They hold tight to the ceiling.) and stalagnites (with a g,

they hold on to the ground.) So we learned the difference between them.