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Monday, September 14, 2009

Art Journaling

I have really found this concept of art journaling quite facinating. We have done some things in the past similar to "art journaling". But after seeing some of the examples at Art Projects for Kids, I really became inspired to go further with this.

While I must make a disclaimer that I am not an artist. (And not really artistic at all.) I do like to capture my thoughts on paper. (Which sometimes appear on my blog.)
But I must admit I do so rather randomly. (When I feel inspired to write.)
Anyway I really thought this might be fun for the kids. Ds doesn't seem to like it as much, but at least I get something out of him.

Here is my first entry for my new journal which was a .50 cent garage sale find.
I just thought the journal was too cute to just sit there. (And thought this would be great for my first delve into "art journaling."

I used watercolor pencils and a scrapbook doodling book for inspiration.

The poem I wrote here says :

My various ramblings and innermost thoughts

Sometimes, I say little, Othertimes alot.

Well that was as rhymey as I could get, not much of a poet here.

So this will be my doodling palace, my random thoughts, and ramblings, my soap box,

my innermost thoughts, and just sharing stuff and insights from my life.

Sharing parts of my life with paper and pencil.

(Perhaps a type of paper therapy.)