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Monday, September 14, 2009

Knitting up a fall hat and poncho.

With Fall almost upon us I decided it was time to get out my knitting bag. This was some yarn I bought a year or so ago. I just now got time to actually knit something up. I let DD pick out the yarn herself. The main yarn is soft and fuzzy. The accent yarn is pink sparkle and a funky bright pink yarn. Really these ponchos are quite simple to do. (That is why you see me doing them) You knit two squares then overlap them. (They do need to be about the same size.) I just stop knitting when it looks like the are close. (The yarn stretches so it does not have to be exact.) Then you overlap the 2 squares and fold the top point down in front and back. This will be the collar. You then sew both shoulders to the end.

I added the fringe around the edges and again around the collar on both sides, so it is reversible.

I made the hat on the Knifty Knitter Loom (green). Both things took about 4 hours over the weekend. Of course I did not do it all in one sitting. (Since being a mom I never get to sit that long at one time.) I really think it turned out great and am proud of my accomplishment!
(Especially since I am a new knitter, this should give hopeto any beginner.)