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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love Languages (Art Journals)

I have really been thinking over the last few days about our Love Languages. I had a book years ago called The 5 Love Languages. I remember that the book shared different ways people show and receive love. (Or things that cause them to feel loved, things they do to show love.)

If the people are not speaking the same "love" language as the receiver then love is not communicated effectively.

I just ordered 2 books from my library in order to review them. The 1st book is for married couples. The 5 Love Languages-How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to your Mate.

There is also another that helps us understand our children better. The 5 Love Languages of Children

So for our Art Journaling assignment today I thought we would write/illustrate what makes us feel loved and how show love to others.

On the top of the left page they wrote:

What makes me feel loved by:




Then on the right page they wrote:

How I show my love to:




Of course mine said By Dh, DD and DS.

Ds's Entry
For the most part I could see the love reciprocated, but there were a couple instances that suprised me. (My son drew a picture of himself fishing with his dad.) He put that under How I show love. So I asked him to clarify it. He said I fish with dad because I love him.

But, he feels loved by dad when dad plays video games with him.

DD's Entry

DD felt loved when dad takes the whole family fishing. I asked her-do you mean when he takes you fishing alone. (She said yes, but when he takes the whole family fishing too.)

I realized that for her the security of the whole family also affects how she feels loved by her dad.

Another thing interesting was that DD says she feels she shows her dad she loves him, when she gives him a break and lets him play the Wii with Peyton.

I really thought it was a great excercise and we all talked about how we can help each other feel loved. And just because we feel loved when someone hugs us, doesn't mean other people feel loved when we hug them.