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Monday, September 21, 2009

Shook up after accident scene

The kids and I were on our way home this afternoon. We were only a few miles from the house. As I approached the intersection I could see someone lying in the road. As I got closer I realized it was a boy on a bicycle. There were a couple people standing around neaby, one lady just got on the phone to call 911. (She was still talking to them.)I didn't really know what to do, but knew I couldn't do nothing. So I told the kids to stay put, parked the car there at the light -since nobody was going in that intersection past me. (A guy tried to wave me around.) I'll get back to that.

I ran to the boy lying in the middle of the road, It did not look good, he was barely semi-conscious, I knew that CPR was not going to help, -since he was conscious and breathing, and knew we should not move him, so I knelt beside him, gently placed my hand on him and began to pray. I was very upset, I don't see someone laying in the street every day, and yes my prayers had tears mixed in as I cried out to God for this young man-that I don't even know.

I prayed that God would heal him completely, and that he would have mercy on him.

I heard him saying his head hurt. I could see his face had been hit by the vehicle, his one eye would not open, his body was twisted in the bike. After a few mintues of praying, I asked the others standing around if any of them would join me in praying for him. The lady (whose husbands truck hit him) said "Well he will be fine, I think you are scaring him more than anything." It took me back..I am thinking what? I am praying for him, and she thinks it is scaring him. I asked him if it was scaring him, of course he just kept complaining of his head.

(I wish I had had my head together better, because I would have really taken the chance to talk to this young boy then. I would have told him, that he need never be scared of prayer and that the God I pray to loves him more than he can ever even imagine.)

I stayed beside him until someone else showed up. She seemed to know him and she knelt beside him. (Then someone asked me to move my van, since I was the one making everyone wait.)

I know it wasn't the policitally correct thing to do. and I know I must have made an absolute fool of myself in doing it. Now that I am home, I am still shook up and have been cying for a while. All I know is if I am ever lying in the middle of the street, or one of my cihldren is: I hope someone will offer CPR and the others around that can't figure out what to do will at least offer up a simple prayer. Since you are waiting on the ambulance anyway. (Especially in an area that is known to be the Bible Belt.) This happened in a small town at the only light in the town right in front of the largest church in town.

Is that where we are in society..? We say prayer scares people, and -well we just wave people around a guy lying in the middle of the street, Since we have things to do? I mean this isn't CSI on TV. This is a real live boy in the middle of our street!

I am overwhelmed and upset!

I was really more upset over the whole situation with the boy. (I mean I still cannot get his face, his twisted body out of my memory. I still pray and hope he is OK.) I checked with our local hospital and they did not take him there. So he must have went to another cities hospital.