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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Swine Flu or something like it.

I haven't updated the last few days due to illness.

Well, if we actually have it or not I don't know. Since there is no special treatment that a doctor
would give us I don't see that it matters if we actually find out officially. It just costs more to run tests to know. The symptoms we don't have. (Diarrhea and vomiting, thought there has been some nausea and heaving.) The rest of the symptoms are pretty much present-not much with runny noses though. Watery eyes, headaches and eyes burning are also symptoms we have had.

They have also shut down a few schools in our area due to H1N1.

DD started feeling bad Friday evening. She said her throat hurt and she began
running fever. (It did not suprise me, because she had very similar symptoms about
a month ago and after 2 days she was fine.)

She ran fever around 101.9 that night-even with Ibuprophen I couldn't keep it down much. I alternated tylenol and Ibuprophen but we had a rough night. All the next day (Saturday )
she laid around running fever even with the OTC meds. I gave her plenty of fluids so
she would not get dehydrated.

Unfortunately, Sunday Ds developed symptoms and my throat began hurting.
I went to the CDC to see what the symptoms were for the swine flu and we have all of
them except the stomach problems (thank GOD for his mercy here.)

So today is Wednesday and we are doing a little better-ds has no fever today, Dd's is low around 99. We all still have sore throats and nasty coughs though.

here is more info on it...

One thing I learned is that a person that has it can be contagious for 5-7 days after they get over it. (That is scary.) So we will be laying low and staying home for a while-so we don't infect others.