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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This week our study was on Termites. We used the lapbook and unit study guide at
Here are some pictures of our lapbook.

Dd colored in a termite mound. They can get over 30 feet tall in Africa.
(Amazing.) We learned about the main 3 kinds here in the US and what they eat.
We learned also learned that when the nymphs are born the nurse (termites)
decide what diet to feed the babies according to the needs of the colony. This diet
will determine if the termite becomes a worker or a soldier termite for the colony.
(Really amazing.)

The Queen termite lives in a royal chamber. She is really more of a prisoner than

a ruler, since she cannot ever leave the chamber. She can live up to 50 years and

can lay 3,000 to 30,000 eggs per day depending upon the type of termite it is.

The soldier termites, defend the colony from attack and the workers tend to

the queen and soldier termites by feeding them. They also take care of the nymphs.

One of the fun facts we learned about was: If you put all the termites in the world on a scale, and put all the people in the world on the other end...The termites would outweigh the people.

Also in Africa people eat termites, some eat them raw, some roast or fry them and others cook them in bread. (They say they have a slightly nutty taste.)