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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home Security System

After a home invasion occurred while we were all sleeping, we decided to get a home burgler alarm. (It trips if any doors, windows etc. are compromised while the alarm is activated.
And I must admit I do sleep much better since we decided to put it in.

Of course the commercials are really good at showing you an image of the burgler running off when he opens a door/window and hears the alarm. But what they don't show you is what Normally happens. (Some family member forgets to deactivate the darn thing, and comes in or out and sets it off.) Which sends other sleeping family members out of the bed, not knowing if it is a real burglary or a false alarm.

Such an event happened this morning, when dh left the house. He just opened the door and walked out, got in his vehicle and drove off and never heard the alarm trip.

Meanwhile I am awakened by a high pitch siren, trying to decide if it is a false alarm or a real one. (I did not even know if hubby was still home.) The phone is ringing (the monitoring company) and I am fumbling to punch in numbers to deactivate the darn thing, and of course I can't see the numbers because I just woke up and don't have my glasses.

So after about 3 mintues which seems like eternity I manage to hit enough numbers in different orders to finally shut it up! And I call the monitoring company to let them know it is a false alarm.

After this I talk to dh on the phone and try to calm the dog down since he is shaking-about to have a heart attack.

Wouldn't it just be so much nicer if people could just be honest and decide to work for a living for what they want instead of stealing from others?