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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Weekly Chore List

Well we are starting a new chore system this week. Every family tries things and some things work well and others don't. I tried the chore jar (in our case chore bag) where you have different chores and let the kids pull out 2 a day. (But we never concentrated on a zone.) And I am zone minded. (So each area actually gets needed attention.)

So I devised this system according to our families biggest needs.

(Working within a zone a day.)

Welcome Monday- We work on our Welcome areas: (And make the house presentable for visitors.) Sweep front porch and sidewalk, make sure porch decorations and flowers are tended to. Sweep and declutter carport. Windex storm doors, make sure entry ways and living room and den are decluttered. Quick vac den, living, kitchen, hall.

Tuesday 4B's (Zone Cleaning.)Bedrooms (Bedsheets)Bathrooms and Basement

I have a bathroom cleaning checklist inside the bathroom cabinets so the kids know what to do.

We have 3 bathrooms. They are expected to clean sinks, toilets, tubs, floors and take inventory of all bathroom items.

Wednesday General cleaning Dust all furniture, vacumn and mop upstairs.

Thursdays is Co-Op and the afternoons are reserved for a grocery run, gymnastics and other errands. (So normally no chores.)

Friday is Pick it up day. Another general declutter. Pick up sticks in yard so mowing can be done over the weekend. Another quick vac .

Of course other things are done daily. The kids are to keep their rooms presentable. Tuesdays they just focus on their room and closets. Also they clear dishes after each meal, take out the trash, help fold towels and put away laundry as needed.