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Friday, October 30, 2009

Sinus Pressure and Dizzyness? The Cure!

My nose became stuffy and I started coughing on Tuesday. (Coming down with a cold.)

By Wednesday midday symptoms became worse. My throat hurt, tickling cough, very congested. So I slept on the couch and was laid up most of the day. Of course since I could not breathe through my nose I used Afrin to try to open my sinus's up, at least while I slept. But it only worked for a short time. And since I began to breathe through my mouth, my throat hurt much worse in the morning. I bumped up the probiotics and vitamin c to try to boost my immune system as well, and tried to drink more fluids and stay away from sugary foods.

But by midday Thursday I was really feeling bad, blowing my nose often, even my ears were stuffy. When I would blow, the whole room would spin, I was dizzy much of the day. So I finally thought I would try googling for a cure. Whem I came upon this

I tried it. (I continued taking Advil -which I was already doing, and started using the saline alot more.) I was using saline in the morning and at night, but I began doing it alot more often and every time I woke up at night. I have to admit that 24 hours later-I am almost well! I can breathe, I feel better, the pressure is almost all gone, and I am no longer dizzy. (I was able to get out today and go shopping for groceries.)

I am so glad I found out about this. This is such a simple thing, and I the average cold lasts 6-10 days. Well not for me! I plan to make the use of saline a much bigger party of my daily habits now.