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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Home Made Christmas Cards

Yesterday I got a little free time, so I decided to make some Christmas cards. I had a limited amount of time so I had to coordinate with stamps and colored papers I had on hand.

This is a manger stamp I bought on after Christmas sales at Hobby Lobby.

This is the scripture stamp.

I made this using a friends Christmas tree punch. I saved the punched paper
and then just used foam backing tape to make a 3d effect.

I like the added stamp on the envelope, it adds a hand made quality to it.
I also like to stamp the back of my cards and then add my name.
I just need to find a name stamp so I can stamp it.

This card is one of those premade cards that you can purchase ready made. You just add the embellishments. So the blue paper is just a scrap paper I had laying around and I used a friends'
Cuttlebug embosser to make the Merry Christmas embossed wordking. Then I stapled the ribbon on. (A trick I learned from my friend Candace years ago.) See it pays to stamp with other
people because you learn so many valuable tricks and get great ideas.

This was a premade card. I just added stamped the tree image
on the gold paper and glued it on.

I really think this one is my favorite. These were more of the after clearance stamps
I got at Hobby Lobby earlier this year. The family and the stocking girl are related stamps.
But the Happy Birthday Jesus stamp was a stand alone. I thought it worked great with this.

I used patterned paper, then a solid red, then stamped the image onto a light green paper.
Then I heat embossed it. After that I colored it in with markers and added embossing powder to one section at a time. Heating it, then coloring in more. It took a while doing it this way. But it
really shows up well in real life. It is all slick and smooth. I think I will try it again next time with some watercolor pencils and see the effect.

This is the inside of the same card.

Another embossed element added to a premade card.

Tree stamp on gold paper glued onto prepatterned card. I added the ribbon.

Stamped image on gold paper on premade card.

Now this card is made from cardstock, then I embossed the blue paper with the Cuttlebug, and added the Merry Christmas embossed element on top.