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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cricut Creations Card Making

Well here are the first two things I made with my new cricut!




I programmed the cricut to cut out these letters and this flower and then attached them

carefully to the card. Later I realized the card was upside down. But at least it was pretty!





This is a tag I made.

Nature Time Club

This past Friday we started attending a Nature Time Club. We get together (once a month) with a few other families and do a nature study related activity.

This month we did a Scavenger Hunt. Linda prepared everything for us. She gave each child an egg carton. Inside the carton she had little tags made up of what to look for to put in that place.

Some of the things were: Something round, something brown, something green, something wet, something dry. something unusual, something alive, something rough, something smooth etc,

It was alot of fun going on the hunt and having the children find things. When we came back together she called out each item, such as what did you find for something rough. We all compared what we found. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dh took some friends fishing this month, here is the page I made for it.


I just love Scrapbook Factory Deluxe!

Spring Break 2009

This week we took off from school for a much needed break!  Mom got a break from teaching.

Of course she had plenty of projects to do. Monday began with shampooing all the upstairs carpets.

Tuesday she worked in the yard by mowing.

Here is today's line up... 


I have to admit, it is pretty nice to have your number two priority be-watch a movie.

I rented it Monday and have to return it this evening, so I have got to make time to watch it.

I really haven't had much time to play with my Circut, though I did cut a few things out last night.

I would watch a Youtube video and then try it myself.

Tomorrow we have Co-Op, and afterwards the Hiking and Camping Class is meeting

for a Hike and weenie roast, and smores. They will do everything except actually camp out.

Then on Friday our Nature Study Group Meets, so this week has been pretty busy.

I could use another week off for a few other projects and some school planning.

But I may just use some afternoons next week for that.

(Since I really want to take another week off sometime in May.)

Revolutionary War on Sunday

This week we did a study on the Revolutionary War. We read the MTH book and got the companion guide. We also read a few things from History Stories for Children -about George Washington. Toward the end of the week we read a little bit about Betsy Ross and listed to a CD story about her. Here are pictures of our lapbook.


I got the lapbook from Currclick. I got 4 MTH lapbooks for $1.99.

Making this only 50 cents per unit.

I also love the way they broke the components down by chapter.

It made it very easy to read 2 chapters and know which components went with those chapters.

Each day, I would put components pertinent to our study in the kids work drawers.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket



Chapters 5-10 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

There are a few more pages I need to add later.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Birthday 2009

Dh suprised me with a surprise party for my birthday. Which I must say was surprising. Since it is so unlike him, to go through all the pains of planning etc. Plus he is not into "Special Days".

He gave a couple df one days' notice. (And they helped pulled it off.) My friend Tammy made the cake and her husband wrapped the presents. My other df- Lisa brought potato salad and baked beans.

It was a really nice birthday. I am glad I got to celebrate with friends and family! 




He got me a Cricut Expressions, and My mom got me

the Cricut Essentials.


And it took me a day to find room for my laminator!

But can you believe in less than 2 hours I found more room for this! 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bouncing Fun!

Last week we went with some friends out for a day of bouncing fun. Afterwards we went to eat at Chick Fil A. We went by Papa Murphy's to pick up a Pizza and a cinnamon wheel for supper. Then we stopped at Sam's to get me a Laminator. It was a great day! But hanging out with our friends made it much more

fun! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, March 21, 2009

George Washington

Last week we studied George Washington.

We used the D'Aulaire book and the Beautiful Feet guide for

lesson plans. We also used some free lapbook printables from Homeschoolshare.


This coloring page came from somewhere else-I don't remember. But it was free online.


The circle book came from HSS.


This is a picture out of the D'Aulaire book.

The lesson says to write on the page. (Sort of a memory jogger for the kids.)

They can color it if they like. DD decided she did not want to.


We read about George Washington and the Cherry Tree.

DD colored this page about it.

Below-This was a rabbit trail we took.

Since the Potomoc River is near the farm where

Washington grew up, we decided to study SnakeHead fish.

They have turned up in the Potomac River.

Here is a map showing all the locations in the US where they have now

been found.


Here is a mini book we made with info on the SnakeHead.


The teeth mini came from HSS.


Snakehead facts.


Another coloring page.


Copy work


Map of Virgina (Rod and Staff USA coloring Book.)


HSS and enchantedlearning mini books.

Photobucket Photobucket

Coloring page left over from History for Little Pilgrims.