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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We had some work done to our deck. One of the main problems with the deck was that in order to get to the bottom deck or back yard, you had to exit the deck through the carport and walk around. The only other way was through the house.

The old deck 


Another big issue was that underneath it always stayed filthy from the rains. So we really never got to enjoy this area. Any furniture would be covered with pine needles and dirt.

 deck deck 

The addition to deck as seen from the carport.  The deck was actually enlarged to a full rectangle and then the perch was added for the stairs. I wish I had a picture of this area before.


Yes you can see the new wood and old wood. We have alot of staining to do this fall. 


The stairs. 


View from the back. We plan to cover the ground around it all with rock later.  So all the area surrounding the deck the stairs and flower beds will all be rock. (Making dirt obsolete.)  


Then I plan to plant some nice plants and fountain grasses etc. in the area. And we will bring the furniture from upstairs down under here. Oh and we will be pressure washing that chimney too.

"We "meaning my dear husband.


As you can see it is covered. So now this area will be free of rain etc. (We still have a few more sheets of this vinyl stuff to add and need to do some caulking. ) We will also be adding a gutter. So my cushions on my patio chairs will stay dry and I don't have to take them in every day.  

Photobucket Photobucket

I'm excited about getting it all finished, getting some new furniture upstairs and

us really being able to enjoy this space. (Isn't it funny now how rooms, porches and patios are now referred to as "spaces".  I think I watch too much HGTV.

Now doesn't that back area by the brick wall just seem to be calling out for a hot tub?

I think so too..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What we've been up to

A couple weeks ago I threw together a quick garage sell. I noticed my neighbor had stuff laid out the night before. So I did a fast scramble for a few items. I did pretty well and made $85.00 in just a few morning hours.

DD also sold a couple toy sets and made $45.00. That evening we went to Build A Bear with friends

and this is how she spent the money. An added blessing was that she has a $10.00 off coupon.



                                      It doesn't make any noise but she did get it this cool Ipod so it could listen to tunes. 


  She also bought Beremy a small friend for it. 


Here she is with all her Buid A Bears. She has the original Heart Hugs bear, then she got the Spring Blossoms Bear, and this is the Summer Rainbow Bear. She wants to get the fall and Winter bears too.

Now before you think she is really spoiled. You have to know that she sold a lot of toys to get these.

Here is what she gave up (and I no longer have cluttering up my basement.)

A Play kitchen, with alot of food, dishes and shopping cart.

A huge Doll House with all accessories.

A small doll house with people and accessories.

A My Little Pony Butterfly Island with many ponies a case and accessories.

A My LIttle Pet Shop with critters and accessories.


She still has the My Little Pony Castle with many ponies and accesssories that we

plan to advertise soon.

So all these toys/ all that room, and now just 5 little bears! I am all for it!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Canoe Trip

Today we went to a local park. The rangers there led us on a canoe trip. We had a good time. I imagine that tomorrow I may feel the toll it put on my arms. It wasn't too terribly hot so it made it enjoyable.



Splashing Around

We had a great time at the park this past week.

Photobucket ha Photobucket

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Glasses make you look smart!

At least I think so..


Now everyone in the family will have to try and keep up with their glasses!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feeding the Carp

Today we met some friends at a park. They have an area there where you can feed the carp. It was amazing to see them. Literally hundreds of these fish just hang out here with their mouths open wide, hoping that someone will throw them some food.


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