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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Love Languages (Art Journals)

I have really been thinking over the last few days about our Love Languages. I had a book years ago called The 5 Love Languages. I remember that the book shared different ways people show and receive love. (Or things that cause them to feel loved, things they do to show love.)

If the people are not speaking the same "love" language as the receiver then love is not communicated effectively.

I just ordered 2 books from my library in order to review them. The 1st book is for married couples. The 5 Love Languages-How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to your Mate.

There is also another that helps us understand our children better. The 5 Love Languages of Children

So for our Art Journaling assignment today I thought we would write/illustrate what makes us feel loved and how show love to others.

On the top of the left page they wrote:

What makes me feel loved by:




Then on the right page they wrote:

How I show my love to:




Of course mine said By Dh, DD and DS.

Ds's Entry
For the most part I could see the love reciprocated, but there were a couple instances that suprised me. (My son drew a picture of himself fishing with his dad.) He put that under How I show love. So I asked him to clarify it. He said I fish with dad because I love him.

But, he feels loved by dad when dad plays video games with him.

DD's Entry

DD felt loved when dad takes the whole family fishing. I asked her-do you mean when he takes you fishing alone. (She said yes, but when he takes the whole family fishing too.)

I realized that for her the security of the whole family also affects how she feels loved by her dad.

Another thing interesting was that DD says she feels she shows her dad she loves him, when she gives him a break and lets him play the Wii with Peyton.

I really thought it was a great excercise and we all talked about how we can help each other feel loved. And just because we feel loved when someone hugs us, doesn't mean other people feel loved when we hug them.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Apple Orchard

Today we headed to a nearby apple orchard for a visit. They have a unique restaurant there.

My gf Lisa and I had the Apple Cider Pulled Pork sandwiches. Yum, the kids had grilled cheese sandwiches with fried apples. We were all served cider to drink and apple fritter with apple butter. (They were similar to hush puppies.)
They also had some really good prices on fresh okra. (I brought some home to fry up over the weekend.)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dollywood Fall Fun

We took this past week off from schooling (formally). We spent one day with friends at
Dollywood. The weather was beautiful and only around 80 degrees. Lines were short so
we were able to ride the rides multiple times in a row.

I just love the Eagles habitat they have there.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shook up after accident scene

The kids and I were on our way home this afternoon. We were only a few miles from the house. As I approached the intersection I could see someone lying in the road. As I got closer I realized it was a boy on a bicycle. There were a couple people standing around neaby, one lady just got on the phone to call 911. (She was still talking to them.)I didn't really know what to do, but knew I couldn't do nothing. So I told the kids to stay put, parked the car there at the light -since nobody was going in that intersection past me. (A guy tried to wave me around.) I'll get back to that.

I ran to the boy lying in the middle of the road, It did not look good, he was barely semi-conscious, I knew that CPR was not going to help, -since he was conscious and breathing, and knew we should not move him, so I knelt beside him, gently placed my hand on him and began to pray. I was very upset, I don't see someone laying in the street every day, and yes my prayers had tears mixed in as I cried out to God for this young man-that I don't even know.

I prayed that God would heal him completely, and that he would have mercy on him.

I heard him saying his head hurt. I could see his face had been hit by the vehicle, his one eye would not open, his body was twisted in the bike. After a few mintues of praying, I asked the others standing around if any of them would join me in praying for him. The lady (whose husbands truck hit him) said "Well he will be fine, I think you are scaring him more than anything." It took me back..I am thinking what? I am praying for him, and she thinks it is scaring him. I asked him if it was scaring him, of course he just kept complaining of his head.

(I wish I had had my head together better, because I would have really taken the chance to talk to this young boy then. I would have told him, that he need never be scared of prayer and that the God I pray to loves him more than he can ever even imagine.)

I stayed beside him until someone else showed up. She seemed to know him and she knelt beside him. (Then someone asked me to move my van, since I was the one making everyone wait.)

I know it wasn't the policitally correct thing to do. and I know I must have made an absolute fool of myself in doing it. Now that I am home, I am still shook up and have been cying for a while. All I know is if I am ever lying in the middle of the street, or one of my cihldren is: I hope someone will offer CPR and the others around that can't figure out what to do will at least offer up a simple prayer. Since you are waiting on the ambulance anyway. (Especially in an area that is known to be the Bible Belt.) This happened in a small town at the only light in the town right in front of the largest church in town.

Is that where we are in society..? We say prayer scares people, and -well we just wave people around a guy lying in the middle of the street, Since we have things to do? I mean this isn't CSI on TV. This is a real live boy in the middle of our street!

I am overwhelmed and upset!

I was really more upset over the whole situation with the boy. (I mean I still cannot get his face, his twisted body out of my memory. I still pray and hope he is OK.) I checked with our local hospital and they did not take him there. So he must have went to another cities hospital.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ant Lapbook

This week's Insect Study was on Ants.
We used the Free Ant lapbook and unit study materials at Homeschoolshare.
We learned alot about ants, colonies, etc.
Here are some pictures of our lapbook.

I got this idea from a Bug Drawing Book. We used oil pastels to draw the mushroom
and ants. Then we colored them with watercolor pencils and painted over the coloring with
water on paintbrushes.

Left-Dd's, Right Mine

Ant info page.

Ds's drawing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just off my loom.

This is the first time I have tried making legwarmers on a loom. Here is the youtube video I found on how to do it. I must admit it is much easier than attempting by hand. (Crocheting or knitting.) The only problem I had was understanding the bind off. So these look a little goofy at the bottoms. (Uh well maybe they look goofy all over.)

But hey, they are warm! (I actually used the smallest loom I had in hopes they would fit lexi and match her poncho and hat, but they were way too big.) So I guess they are mine.

Anyway I have a youtube video I found for future reference -on loom knitting bind off.

Art Journaling " I Am"

For our art journaling I asked around on the HSS forum about topic ideas.
Suz had this great Language Arts challenge that she gave to her kids as part of their Funschool Fridays. They actually created a poster and filled in the blanks on the poem. I think my kids
are a little too young to do that in one setting. So I chose to just take a topic a day.
I told the kids to write I Am, and then fill in the blank and
draw a picture to go along with it.
Here is dd's.
"I am smart and silly."

Ds's (Age 9) Not much into drawing..."I am smart and strong."
Notice the muscles? He is holding 2 papers showing a grade of A+.
Well I did think it was clever.
Here is my page. I used scrapbook paper and stamps.
It says "I am loved and forgiven."

Monday, September 14, 2009

Art Jouraling

Here is ds's art journal. I used a dollar store journal and added a few sticker embellishments.

Here are some other entries Lexi has done. She did these both on her own.

I did not initiate that she do anything.

Art Journaling Assignment

I had the kids do a page on "their favorite....."

I told them they could draw or cut something out of a magazine.

It turned into "I love..."

Above-Ds I love Life Water

DD's -I Love Pie

Art Journaling Assignment

I had the kids do a page on "their favorite....."

Art Journaling- well kind of..(A look back.)

Well as I shared in the previous post about my new attempt to delve into art journaling.

I just thought I would share what we have done in the past.

Last year we drew pictures, made collages, etc. around some poems.

As you can see dd loves this much more than ds. Her's is the 2 page spread.

His is the 1 page-"Do I have to do this?" page.

Here ds did a good job crayoning over leaves to get their impressions.

Art Journaling

I have really found this concept of art journaling quite facinating. We have done some things in the past similar to "art journaling". But after seeing some of the examples at Art Projects for Kids, I really became inspired to go further with this.

While I must make a disclaimer that I am not an artist. (And not really artistic at all.) I do like to capture my thoughts on paper. (Which sometimes appear on my blog.)
But I must admit I do so rather randomly. (When I feel inspired to write.)
Anyway I really thought this might be fun for the kids. Ds doesn't seem to like it as much, but at least I get something out of him.

Here is my first entry for my new journal which was a .50 cent garage sale find.
I just thought the journal was too cute to just sit there. (And thought this would be great for my first delve into "art journaling."

I used watercolor pencils and a scrapbook doodling book for inspiration.

The poem I wrote here says :

My various ramblings and innermost thoughts

Sometimes, I say little, Othertimes alot.

Well that was as rhymey as I could get, not much of a poet here.

So this will be my doodling palace, my random thoughts, and ramblings, my soap box,

my innermost thoughts, and just sharing stuff and insights from my life.

Sharing parts of my life with paper and pencil.

(Perhaps a type of paper therapy.)

Knitting up a fall hat and poncho.

With Fall almost upon us I decided it was time to get out my knitting bag. This was some yarn I bought a year or so ago. I just now got time to actually knit something up. I let DD pick out the yarn herself. The main yarn is soft and fuzzy. The accent yarn is pink sparkle and a funky bright pink yarn. Really these ponchos are quite simple to do. (That is why you see me doing them) You knit two squares then overlap them. (They do need to be about the same size.) I just stop knitting when it looks like the are close. (The yarn stretches so it does not have to be exact.) Then you overlap the 2 squares and fold the top point down in front and back. This will be the collar. You then sew both shoulders to the end.

I added the fringe around the edges and again around the collar on both sides, so it is reversible.

I made the hat on the Knifty Knitter Loom (green). Both things took about 4 hours over the weekend. Of course I did not do it all in one sitting. (Since being a mom I never get to sit that long at one time.) I really think it turned out great and am proud of my accomplishment!
(Especially since I am a new knitter, this should give hopeto any beginner.)

Growing our own

One thing I really wanted to do this summer was to have a small garden. Well I didn't get my way. But I did make room in a back flower bed for a small watermelon patch.
I have to admit it was a good investment. I paid less than $2.50 for the seeds and it yeilded us this beautiful watermelon. (that would run about $5.00 in the store.) It tasted great too!
The vines have about 3 more, but they are smaller than this.
Not sure they will have time to get this big.
Note to self-next year plant earlier!

Praying Mantis Unit and Lapbook

Well despite our illness last week, we were still able to accomplish a little.

Peyton woked on Math and did a spelling review the 3 days he did not run fever.
We also read about Praying Mantis. Since Lexi ran fever most of the week, she listened to what we read and did a couple lapbook components. (During her no temp times.)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Bloggy Award!

I've been given a bloggy award from Courtney over at Life On Courtney Lane

Here are the rules of this award:- This award is bestowed on to blogs that are exceedingly charming.- These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends.- They are not interested in self-aggrandizement.- Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.- Please give more attention to these writers.- Deliver this award to other bloggers who must choose others to pass it on to and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.- I will pass this award to some of my bloggy friends that I find exceedingly charming... These are blogs I love to visit. I always come away learning something new or being challenged to do better.

Swine Flu or something like it.

I haven't updated the last few days due to illness.

Well, if we actually have it or not I don't know. Since there is no special treatment that a doctor
would give us I don't see that it matters if we actually find out officially. It just costs more to run tests to know. The symptoms we don't have. (Diarrhea and vomiting, thought there has been some nausea and heaving.) The rest of the symptoms are pretty much present-not much with runny noses though. Watery eyes, headaches and eyes burning are also symptoms we have had.

They have also shut down a few schools in our area due to H1N1.

DD started feeling bad Friday evening. She said her throat hurt and she began
running fever. (It did not suprise me, because she had very similar symptoms about
a month ago and after 2 days she was fine.)

She ran fever around 101.9 that night-even with Ibuprophen I couldn't keep it down much. I alternated tylenol and Ibuprophen but we had a rough night. All the next day (Saturday )
she laid around running fever even with the OTC meds. I gave her plenty of fluids so
she would not get dehydrated.

Unfortunately, Sunday Ds developed symptoms and my throat began hurting.
I went to the CDC to see what the symptoms were for the swine flu and we have all of
them except the stomach problems (thank GOD for his mercy here.)

So today is Wednesday and we are doing a little better-ds has no fever today, Dd's is low around 99. We all still have sore throats and nasty coughs though.

here is more info on it...

One thing I learned is that a person that has it can be contagious for 5-7 days after they get over it. (That is scary.) So we will be laying low and staying home for a while-so we don't infect others.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This week our study was on Termites. We used the lapbook and unit study guide at
Here are some pictures of our lapbook.

Dd colored in a termite mound. They can get over 30 feet tall in Africa.
(Amazing.) We learned about the main 3 kinds here in the US and what they eat.
We learned also learned that when the nymphs are born the nurse (termites)
decide what diet to feed the babies according to the needs of the colony. This diet
will determine if the termite becomes a worker or a soldier termite for the colony.
(Really amazing.)

The Queen termite lives in a royal chamber. She is really more of a prisoner than

a ruler, since she cannot ever leave the chamber. She can live up to 50 years and

can lay 3,000 to 30,000 eggs per day depending upon the type of termite it is.

The soldier termites, defend the colony from attack and the workers tend to

the queen and soldier termites by feeding them. They also take care of the nymphs.

One of the fun facts we learned about was: If you put all the termites in the world on a scale, and put all the people in the world on the other end...The termites would outweigh the people.

Also in Africa people eat termites, some eat them raw, some roast or fry them and others cook them in bread. (They say they have a slightly nutty taste.)