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Monday, December 28, 2009

Whirly Curly Crocheted Snowflake scarf

I have been wanting to make a curly scarf forever. I just recently found an easy pattern to do it.
You just chain as long as you want it, then you do 5 double crochets in each stitch. (I want to make another fuller one, that isn't quite that curly.) Maybe I can play around and figure out an easy way to do it. I also crocheted the snowflake. I thought I would make several and then attach them to a scarf or chain. (Yeah well I lost my motivation after the first one. They ain't real easy to do!)

They call it Puppy Love

Puppy Training

Well with a new puppy comes the responsibility of training it. Now it has been a while (8 years now) since we have had a baby in the house. Puppies and babies have many things in common.
And really, a puppy is more like having a toddler around, since they are so mobile.

1. They both need constant supervision. You cannot leave the room for a minute without a potty accident occuring or the pup automatically going for any cord it can find. It was chewing on one of the wooden bar stools earlier too.
2. This pup likes to be held alot, so I am fearing we are already spoiling this one forever.
3. She will chew and try to eat anything she finds on the floor or ground.
4. She isn't sleeping through the night, and when she gets up at 2 AM to go outside, she wants to
come back in and play.

But to make matters worse, I have to watch our older dog Buddy because he hasn't been thrilled with the transition. The pup must have thought Buddy might be his mom, because she immediately went for some milk parts. Now since he is a male dog, she managed to nip him, but not on a milk part. (KWIM)

Of course this made him snap at her. Buddy doesn't want to play and she does. So we try to accommodate that as much as possible. It has been harder on me, since I already have plenty do do and the pup needs so much attention. (I try to crate her a few times a day to get a break.)

But don't get me wrong, I am growing rather fond of our newest family member. I remember telling my dh that is would be a huge responsibility. (Now I am remembering whose it primarily is.) I told dd (when she first brought up the idea of wanting a puppy) that we needed to wait until we get rid of all our carpet. (Which now looks like it might be a couple years before we get it all done.)

So now I also have to make sure books, crayons, and many other things are out of reach for little teeth. (So I guess I will have to find time to re-organize the school room.)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

We had a great Christmas this year. We are indeed very blessed. We have our health, dh has a great job, with a Christian employer, and we great friends where we live.

Here are some pictures of the kids. This year we did a theme for Christmas gifts.
Something you want, something to wear, something to play with, something to share.

DD got a Puppy (want and play with) puppy accessories-dish, 2 outfits, leash, collar, and harness. To wear she got a Vince Young Jersey and for the something to share she got a Basket Ball hoop.

Ds got a (Used) Playstation II and 3 games, and a Chris Johnson Jersey, and of course he will be sharing the basket ball hoop with his sister.

I got a Wireless Printer (I have been wanting for so long.)The Wild Card Cricut cartridge and dh put a coupon note in my stocking -good to redeem the cutting software I have been wanting. Now I just have to try them out and see which one I want to buy. I just found out about a new cutting software called Make The Cut-so I am very intersted in checking it out.

A very playful gift

Meet Dixie

We decided to give Lexi her Christmas present on Christmas Eve. (We knew it would be hard to hide a puppy all night long.)

She is very playful and curious. I think the biggest thing other than getting her potty trained is....Getting her to stop nipping and chewing on everything.
She was chewing on the christmas bows, the tree, the decorations, etc.

It is alot like having a baby in the house again.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Lexi wanted to make Christmas cutout cookies, so we did that this afternoon. We used her Paula Deen cookbook for kids (recipe). She said if we didn't make the cookies it would ruin Christmas.
So now Christmas will stay great!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pink Heart Choker

Here was the inspiration for this choker. I tried (unsuccessfully to make the heart.)
And it looks like the chain is one long piece that is crocheted together. (Anyway, I couldn't understand some of the terminology in the pattern.) So I improvised. I made 2 sc chains and tied them together at then ends. Then I went to Youtube to find a tutorial for a crocheted heart. I tied the yarn on in the back, so that I could slide it over the three strands. So it can be worn in front or on the side. Plus you could easily make another necklace with a longer chain.

Black Choker Medallion

Ok as you can tell I really liked doing this project. So now I am toying a bit with it. I used the same star pattern for the choker. But the choker would actually tie in the back this time. Also the flower medallion can slide off and on. So I can make other medallions and change it out.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A vintage crocheted necklace

I saw one of these online the other day and just fell in love with the idea. (I'm really not very experienced in crochet, so I used a couple stitches I had learned on youtube. )
This was the one that inspired me. But I really learn better from watching videos. I used the star stitch I found here on youtube, for the choker. I still need to practice that flower pattern listed in the original version, but it seems complicated to me. So I found a simple one to use. (Again, I do really well with video instruction that I can stop and rewind alot.

I'm not crazy about having to pin it on. It isn't easy pinning it underneath using a mirror.
So I am thinking on that one. But I already have requests for some. Dd immediately said
she wants one for herself and some for her stuffed animals. LOL.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Canvas Scrapbook Kit

During our once a month scrapnight in December we had a gift exchange. I got a Canvas Scrapbook kit. You can use papers and other stuff that come in the kit to make a pretty canvas to put a picture on. One of the downsides can be that 1 picture is there forever. Of course if it were a wedding photo it would be great. So I decided to improvise a little and make it into a canvas decoration that I could change the picture out whenever I want.
Over the picture is a clear over lay. I used photo corners. So I could take pictures in and out whenever I desire. I really like it, and hopefully I can find some next time I go to BigLots. They would make great gifts!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bats Lapbook

Here are some pictures of our bat lapbook. We made this when we did the unit in our Apologia Science book. We used the Homeschoolshare unit Stellaluna and some of the printables.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ballet Recital pics

Ballet Recital 2009 Scrapage