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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blended family.

Dixie is the newest addition to our family. She was a Christmas gift for my daughter.
Now don't get me wrong. I am really fond of the little pup...But she is alot of responsibility.
We were considering a Yorkie mix. After alot of careful consideration, I told my husband
I thought a shorter haired breed would be much less maintenance. We already have a Schnauzer and he requires grooming about every 8-12 weeks.
So we decided on little Dixie here. We were told she is a Chihuahua/Mini Dachsund.
But low maintenance, well not yet.

We are diligently working with her on Potty Training. Now we have had her almost 2 full weeks.
She hasn't had a number 2 accident in the house in days. But she still has number 1 accidents.

For the first week I would get up with her around 3 AM and take her outside to potty. But then
when she returned inside, she was ready to play. (And I wasn't) And then she would whine for 30 minutes. So finally I decided she could spend the night downstairs in the bathroom. This allows us a little distance so we can sleep through it.

Now don't let this picture fool you. Buddy, our shnauzer, really doesn't like her. He feels

his home has been invaded. Of course the cute little pup gets alot of attention. We try to

keep giving him loads of attention too. But he doesn't want to play anymore. And worse

the little pup barks at him and nips at him. (Of course she just wants to play.) But he doesn't.

He has rolled her a few times, and snapped at her. (Poor guy, I can't really blame him.)

She chews on all of us and on everything. (She already chewed my computer speakers cable into.) And that was only with 4 minutes of unsupervision.) She has to be attended to constantly.

So we are usually picking her up and holding her, to keep her away from Buddy, so he won't bite her.

And as far as homeschooling goes....Oh my, she is a huge distraction. She wants to play,

and we need to do school. (And I can't let her run loose, because she gets into everything.)

Even if I give her chew toys and put her next to us, she wants to play and bite at Buddy.

I really hope she outgrows the puppy stage soon.