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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Curly guy journey

Picture before starting the curly guy journey.

Well since I decided to start the curly girl journey. I also decided to start ds on the same journey.

His may be different from mine because his hair is "curly". My hair is actually just wavy.

I would love to have his beautiful locks. Now one of the big issues I have with his hair is that the texture is always dry. It always feels course. Even though it may look good, when you touch it, you can feel how dry and strawlike it feels. Another big issue is that he too often hides these beautiful locks under a hat. (Because he doesn't want to fix it, or for me to have to fix it.)

It really isn't much trouble. He usually shampoos his hair, sometimes we put in a leave in conditioner. Most of the time we don't. To style it, I usually have a spray bottle of water, and just wet it, and add some conditioner to it. I can usually fingerstyle it or comb it and then do a light fingerstyle. So my main desire here is for the texture of his hair to improve.

He normally shampoos his hair every other day. Today will be his last day using a sulfate type shampoo. (I am using it to make sure all other products I don't want to use, are no longer in his hair.) Also something I do need to mention is that our water here is very hard. We have alot of lime in our water, so I am sure this contributes to the texture of our hair. I will see what we can do to overcome this problem. (Right now we have no plans for a water softener, we have talked to many people in the area and no one seems to actually have found a good fix for this.)

Now to contrast that, my daughter has beautiful, long, shiny, soft hair. And we use the same products so I know that some of the problem with ds is the products we are using.