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Friday, January 15, 2010

Geography Week 2.

Here are some of the activities and things we learned about this week.
This page is a scavenger hunt page. For each letter, you must find a country that begins
with the letter. Lexi did half and Peyton did half.
We discussed several types of maps. We also ready through a book about Maps.

We learned about Physical maps
Road Maps
Specialty Maps

Topographic Maps
Ds did an Enchanted Learning Page activity on Topographic Maps

DD did this page on coloring the coninents and oceans.
(Also enchanted learning.)

This word search is in the GTG book.

We also learned the names of the 7 continents, the names of the oceans.
Which ones are smallest, largest etc.
These mini books below came from HSS.

We fnished our week by watching the Standard Deviants video on Geography.
This was the first time I had ever seen Standard Deviants products.
My library had the video, so I was able to review it for free.
I liked it and thought it was a fun learning video for the kids. It really is geared for
older children. Probably Jr. High level and up. (Just becaue of the vocabulary used.)
It seemed easier to just take one lesson a day with this, since it is alot of information to digest.
IMO talking about it -or writing something after the video would prove most useful.
I would love to see them do this for younger children.
But I will be open to using their products in the future.