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Saturday, January 9, 2010

GTG Week 1 Maps and Globes

This week we spent time learning about general geography, maps and globes. (I really feel like GTG lacks in this department.) The trail guide does come in alot more handy for just general geography. But I have really had to go to other resources to find general work pages, minibooks etc.

We read through a book called Maps and Globes by Harriett Barton. I really loved this book. It begins with the history of maps, talks about charts, different types of maps. Does a little history in Columbus and Magellen etc. The illustrations are great too!

We read through another book called Longitude and Latitude. We learned these terms as well as the equator, and prime meridian.

One of my favorite resources is the illustrated dictionary in the back of the Trail Guide for World Geography. (It is small and simple.) GTG also has one if you want a page for each word. But for our purposes I really felt being able to get 6 words to one page is great.

We are making a notebook and each child is contributing parts to it. Some of the great resources I have found are from Enchanted Learning, The Complete Book of Map Skills and Geography Grades 3-6 (A book I already owned) and my library has a book called Mighty Maps (It is actually a workbook) and it has been a great resource for pulling questions and activities out of.

Our Notebook Cover

DD's notebooking page from Maps and Globes.

It says "The very first maps were just scratches in the dirt."

Longitude and Latitude activity from Enchanted Learning.

The mini book is an Atlas scavenger hunt from Homeschoolshare. I did have to tweak

this some. We used 2 different Atlases and the answers were not evident.

We had trouble determining silk was made in China. (Except that I already knew it.)

In one atlas there was a very tiny reference to silk production. The other atlas had no

information on silk. Cocoa beans was another problem, so I used coffee instead since it was evident in both atlases.

Trail Guide Illustrated Dictionary Blank Page

Here ds drew pics for and defined: globe, grid, latitude, longitude,

equator and prime meridian.

Equator and Lattitude lines activity page from Mighty Maps.

Grid activity from Mighty Maps

Grid work page from Map Skills book