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Friday, January 1, 2010

I Made the Cut with Make the Cut!

One of the items on my Christmas list was a software called Sure Cuts Alot. It is a softwarethat enables your cricut to look to your computer for fonts and images. So In my stocking on Christmas morning, dh put a piece of paper in it that said "Redeem for Cricut Software, $75.00"

Now I usually have a learning curve with new programs and so I have been concerned for a while over getting the program. Mainly because I felt that I would probably have to spend more time learning how to use it, than actually using it. Then I heard about a new program called Make The Cut. I went to the website and the forum to listen in. Then I joined the yahoo group. My curiosity continued to build. So I decided to get the trial version. First I had to download the trial of Design Studio-in order to update my Cricut Firmware. After about 3 hours of struggling to get my Cricut firmware updated and USB port files downloaded, I managed to get it installed.

So yesterday I played with it (DS) a little, but it wasn't really as easy to work with as I would have liked. Then I downloaded MTC trial. I was able to easily figure out how to design this Puppy Love wording and weld it together. (And of course I do have to give some credit to Scrapbooking Grandma, and her youtube videos. ) I watched the first 3 and they were very helpful.

I had a good time messing around with the program and within minutes I was able to make something. (Which I liked the fact that It really is pretty easy to use.)
Then last night I found out that there was a sale for an additional 12% off through January 4.

So that was all the extra incentive I needed to proceed with my order. A few minutes after midnight I made my first purchase of 2010, my Make The Cut software.
here is my first design. (Like I said, It is really neat that it is all one piece, and I added the heart in the middle as a pop up so It would show up a little better.)

I am excited about trying all the new things this software can do. (And save alot of money on not having to buy up a bunch of cartridges.)

Anyway here is my first design. Now for those who don't think it is a big deal, let me explain...

In order to get this out of a cartridge..You would have to have a cartridge with this font.

They you could get the wording, but it would not be in one piece, and this gets more and more difficult to work with when words are smaller. One of the great benefits of this program Make The Cut is...when you type in a word, you can then break each letter appart. Then you can join the letters and weld them. Which enables it to all be cut out as one piece. You can also import images into the program. So far, I love it, and I can't wait to work with it some more.