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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My curly girl journey

My hair before curly girl. Here is is layered and styled. It doesn't look bad, but it takes
alot of goo to get it to be manageable. Here I would have shampooed, and conditioned, and then used some sort of gel or mousse. Then I blow dry it.

Before Curly Girl picture

Last night, Melissa, one of my friends, shared that she had recently switched to the "curly girl method" for her hair. I had heard her mention it before. But of course, I didn't think much of it.

I knew a little about it, mainly that you do not shampoo your hair anymore. (And of course that did not sound like something I would be interested in.)

But I guess last night the timing was right. So today I began to look into this a little more.

I do have to admit that one of the main reasons I did so, was because Melissa's hair looks great! I can tell a huge difference in how healthy it looks. She does have a cute do now too. She recently cut her hair shorter, which looks really cute too.

Now for some background. My hair is not actually curly. (At least I wouldn't call it curly.)

I would call it wavy though. My son's hair, however is curly. So I know he can benefit from this method as well.

I ordered the Curly Girl book from my library. (I am so glad they have it.) So I am hoping to get a little more insight into all this.

In the meantime (Because I cannot possibly wait to get the book, now.) I went searching online for information. A few things I have found out are:

1. Don't use products with xane, conol, and cone at the end of them. (Now there are some water soluable based cone products but I don't want to get all into that now.) These hair build up in your hair.

2. Avoid shampoos with "sodium laurel sulfate" these harsh chemicals strip hair.

3. Try to allow your hair to air dry.

So I began by setting aside all my products with those weird endings. (I haven't thrown them out yet, but they are on a back shelf, and won't be used by me or the kids while we are transitioning.

I decided to shampoo today, because I needed to go ahead and strip my hair of any products that I may have had building up. But for now, that shampoo has also been set aside since it contains sodium laurel sulfate. I will be on the look out for another shampoo that is free of sulfates. I found a list here on this blog. So I will start here.

I plan to keep track of what I try, and what does and doesn't work in the process.
One thing I do know is my hair feels really yucky if I don't shampoo. (So for me, finding a good, non stripping shampoo is what I will strive for now.) Maybe later I can transistion away from shampoos all together.

Here is one website I found informative on this subject. Here is another site for DevaCurl products. I would love to give these a try. They have a really cool video on the transformations that have been made using the products. Unfortunately there are no retailers in my area.