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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Straight Girl

Here is a picture of dd at Christmas. Before I decided to try the curly girl journey.
One thing I have learned is that shampoos with "sodium laurel sulfate" strip your hair.
So we have eliminated that product from our routine. We also have eliminated products that have ingredients that end with "cone, xane, conol." (I realize their are some ok ones out there, but it just makes it easier when you begin if you can go with a few things you know.)

The main problem I have with dd's hair is that it is long and thick. (Every day her hair is very tangled.) She sleeps like a wild child. (I have tried braiding her hair at night, but it does not seem to help much. Right now her routine includes shampooing every other day, following it with a leave in conditioner, and then we use a detangling spray when we brush it. Another thing, I did read was not to use a brush on hair, so we will be switching to a wide tooth comb.

I recently got her hair cut into long layers, because I was tired of it just being straight.
Besides I just kept thinking, "what is the point of the long beautiful hair if we are just going to put it up all the time." I do like the way it lays now, but the tangles have not improved.

For the most part her hair is reasonably soft and shiny. Oh and her bangs, well I am letting those grow out too. (So that is why they seem long here.) I am tired of having to cut them every 3 weeks. So I opted that now is the time to let them grow out.