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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Elvis Retro Apron -My 3rd Sewing project

I found this beautiful Elvis material the other day! And I just had to get it. My MIL is crazy about Elvis.

So I thought she might like a purse or apron made out of it. (I must admit apron's are much faster to make.)
If you forget the ruffle that is. The last ruffle, well let's just say it is fine for something to wear around the house, but not to give as a gift, at least not until I get much better at my sewing.

I just used the shape from the last apron and cut around it with pinking shears. I like the ties longer so you can tie in the front or on the side, I think it looks cuter that way. I also added the pockets. (I liked the polka dots, and they seemed to fit in with the material. )

Anyway I think she will like it. I plan to send it to her for Mother's Day.