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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I saw the Angel in the Marble

I Saw the Angel in the Marble

If there were one book, one resource I would advise any parent to get, this book, I Saw the Angel in the Marble would be it.  This is the first book I ever read, when I began to think about homeschooling. It is also the book I go back to often. This book talks about each child being an individual, with unique talents and giftings. It discusses in detail, how to develop an Individual Education Plan for each family, child etc.
You can click the link to see the article. This is one of the many articles in the book.

This book is so much more than that though. It is a collection of thoughts, writings, essays that they have combined into one book. 

In fact, I would recommend this book to ANY parent, not just those that are considering homeschooling.
Whatever plan you may have to educate your children, it is great to get some things on paper. I know that it can give you much insight into how you can help your child become all that God wants him/her to be.
(At least that is my goal.)