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Monday, February 8, 2010

Time4Learning -Day 1 Review

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I just thought I would keep track for a few days/weeks of what my thoughts are on Time4Learning.

I decided to give it a try, after hearing from other moms that use it with their children.

First of all, I want to put down why I wanted to try it.

1. I felt it might be a good resource for us to fill educational gaps.
2. I believed the kids would enjoy it.
3. I hope it will allow me more one on one time with each child.
4. I hope it will help improve my daughter's reading and math levels.

I registered and signed up both my children over the weekend. Within 24 hours (as promised by the site), I had a login password.

Today (Monday) I had both children work 2 LA modules, 2 math modules, 1 Science and 1 Social Studies Module. (I sat with my daughter the whole time-since she is in 2nd grade.)
I felt the reading portion might be a little too advanced, but we will see.
One thing the reading portion did was to time her reading activity. The first time she read it through she did so with my help. (They do allow you to click on a word if you do not know it, but they don't tell you what the word is until you are finished reading it.) So that leaves holes in the sentence. Anyway, They timed her first time through and she read 36 words per minute. They set the goal at 90 words per minute as reading fluently. Then they read the passage through a couple times. Then she re-read the passage, this time she made a 52. Bringing her reading time up. (They said the way to raise it is to keep practicing.) So I plan to monitor her reading.

I had one issue where I could not get a level to say it was complete. In my opinion, they should just make completing activities consistent. That way the child knows how to exit each time, to show that the module is complete. I emailed support about the issue, and had a very quick answer with a fix in about an hour. (So far, I am happy with the support.)

There is also a members forum, which I plan to visit a little more, to see how others are using the program.

I did have a couple other issues today. At one point in my daughter's day the system just locked up. And on my son's lessons, the loading took a long time. (Which really surprised me.)
I have them on 2 different computers, so they can work at the computer at the same time if I need them too. I think tomorrow I may try staggering them, have one work in the morning, the other in the afternoon and see if it is the computer, or connection etc.
I normally don't have any problem with my connection. (Also I can foresee this being an issue if I were to lose my connection.) Where as a Cd program would not be an issue.

For the Science and Social Studies programs-I wish the program would have given her an option to read to her. Some of the words are larger. (But maybe I just need to adjust the level, we shall see.)

Ds enjoyed the program. (He said he really only liked the LA portion.) He covered Synonyms, and Homonyms.

Dd enjoyed most of the program today and spent a little time on the playground.