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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time4Learning -Day 2 Review


Today I tweaked our schedule a bit.

Our schedule looked like this:

8:00-9:00 wake, eat, teeth and hair brushed, get dressed, beds made.
9:00-10:00 Seat work
                  Peyton 1-page in Spectrum Spelling
                              1 page in MUS
                              1 page in Bible (Studying God's Word Book E)

                   Lexi  Self Test in LifePac LA
                            Final Test In LifePac Bible
                            1 Page MUS

10:00-10:20 (They played, did cartwheels and wrestled on the floor, while I finished a blog entry.)

10:20-11:05 Worship and Devotions, Reading from Pilgrims Progress, We finished reading Penguin Puzzle, and also read Something to tell the Grandcows (books on Antarctica.)
11:05-11:25  Peyton did his lapbook mini books on Penguins and Artarctica,
and a page on homonyms from the free ebook I received.

11:25 Petyon starts Time4Learning.
Today he works on Idioms and comprehension in LA.
In Math he works on place value to the millions.
In Social Studies he learns about Ancient Mesopotamia
and in Science he learns about The Scientific Method
So far his scores have been 10-100's, 2-88's and 1-80.
(Note you can miss one problem and score an 88 or an 80.
(It also can be the way the question is worded, which I am not really crazy about.)
But that is life.

11:05- 12:00  Lexi does a Draw Write Now Page on Seals.

12:00-12:30 Lexi has lunch.
12:30-2:00 Lexi does T4L.
One thing I really like about her lesson today in LA is that it further builds on the previous lesson
from yesterday. Yesterday her vocabulary words were pictures, when she clicked on them it spelled
the word for her. They were chili, muffin, juice and backpack. They used the words again in a story today
which re-enforced them.

She did a reading comprehension lesson as well. They read a story and then ask questions about the main character. Which I thought was good. They also asked how the main character felt etc.

Another item was something called story creator. She loved the demonstration of this in the tutorial, but
got upset when it showed her backgrounds and props, but then did not give her the same ones to use in her story. Since creating and writing a story would have taken more time than I wanted to commit today, she completed the title and one sentence. (It doesn't seem that you can save your work for another session but we could have printed it out.) I wish there was a way to save it, come back another day and add more to it,  then print it and then we could correct it together another day. Since writing is a process.

In Math she worked on greater than and less than, reading number words, and order in sequence.
I thought the lessons were good and entertaining. A few things I don't like:

1.  If your child clicks a wrong button (Which is easy to do if the mouse gets stuck etc. and you want them to redo a problem or just the test portion, they have to go back in and complete the whole activity and test portion again.) There is no way to skip ahead to just the test. You also cannot just reassign a couple questions, the whole lesson has to be repeated.You also cannot skip through each page of animation. So you have to listen to the whole lesson again, and then re-answer all the questions again. (Good if you want to redo a lesson, but bad if you just need to redo one or two items, or just the test.  (A major difference from SOS, where the teacher can just re-assign certain lessons, or questions within an assignment.)

2. On one of the tests -I felt the question was set to try to trick the student (which I did not appreciate).
The child is taught to order the numbers from least to greatest over and over. They are never taught to reverse the process. But then in the test, a quick change on words appears. Since the test has only 5 questions, missing one answer puts your score at 80%.

3. In the Science and Social Studies sections the text will not read aloud to the student. This could be helpful for unfamiliar terms. Even if they just made it to where the student could just highlight/click a word that is unfamiliar to them.and hear it. (Giving the definition would be awesome.)
SOS does have a reading option that you can choose for each subject.

12:30 -1:00 Peyton has lunch.
1:00-1:30 Peyton finishes T4L activities.

1:30-1:45 Peyton practices piano

2:20 -3:00 We play Zooreaka -Peyton wins. (We will get him next time.)

3:00 Free Time (Lexii has to practice piano and finish homonym page.)
Peyton is allowed to play the playstation today. (Mom bathes the dog and then heads to the shower!)