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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Time4Learning Day 3 Review -Crash and Burn!

Today we had a scheduled field trip. My plan was to get the kids to work on Time4Learning for 1 hour before we left at 10:00.

Petyon began at 9:00 and finished a couple LA activities. Then Lexi started about 9:20, for some reason the server went down (the Time4Learning page that is) I could access other sites, and my connection was fine, but I could not access the TL4 page. (Both kids were kicked off, lost all their work for the current activity they were on! Bummer, then they had to repeat that activity. )

Peyton actually managed to get 2 LA and 2 Math activities done. Lexi however only managed to get the LA done.

The page was available again within  5-6 minutes, but all the work they had done was lost.

(I can see this really being an issue for me. ) It is very frustrating to lose all your work.(And then having to take time to re-do it.)