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Friday, February 12, 2010

Time4Learning Review Days 4 & 5

The past two days have went well. I moved our Time4Learning to the end of the day. (Which I believe works much better.) This keeps the kids "learning" minded until 3 PM. If they finish before 3 they can play board games or read a chapter in their books. This morning we had our  Little Hands Art group. So Peyton did a page in MUS, and a spelling assignment and test. Lexi did a page in MUS and a page in LA.

Peyton always manages to get done earlier with T4L. (He still enjoys most of it.) He asked to skip Science,  Social Studies and Math. I told him if I pay for the program he is going to use it all.

Lexi would prefer not to do it at all, but she does enjoy at least the LA portion. She whined today when she found out she had to do it. That was mainly due to the fact that we normally take afternoons after Little Hands off.)

So I am still considering whether to keep the program or not. I do think the reading portion helps Lexi.
I think Peyton learns through games, so I know it is a benefit to him. (Not sure I would throw any of my
current curriculum out though.)

This year I did not go with a formal LA program for Peyton. He has just been working through a book called Sentences to Paragraphs.  So I do like the fact that he is learning about things I have not covered.