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Friday, February 19, 2010

Time4Learning Week 2 Review

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We continued our trial period this week in Time4Learning. So far things are going pretty well adding it in.
For some reason Gary's computer doesn't access the site fast enough. So I am going to have to stagger the kids times on my computer. (Which will make it a bit harder to work around.)

But I figure I can let Peyton work on the computer first thing in the morning, and then we can do our devotion time and reading and then Lexi can work on the computer. (This will give me some time in the morning to work with Lexi independently in Math, Phonics.)

I usually have each child do 2 lessons in Math and LA, and 1 in Science and 1 in Social Studies/History.

These are the current benefits I feel it gives us.
1. It helps fill educational gaps. (Since I tend to love Unit Studies, this really rounds us out.)
2. It falls in accordance with State and National Standards
3. And the biggest reason-My kids really like it. (Well Peyton likes it, Lexi likes the phonics but really doesn't like the rest that much.)
4. I can keep it flexible and use it as a tool. (Not letting it become the dictating force in our homeschool, but a tool to add to it.)

So for now I plan to continue using Time4Learning through the Spring and Summer months and then re-evaluate my needs for the fall semester.