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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My New Kitchen Sink

Well part of buying an old house is continual maintenance. The dishwasher that came with the house still works, but makes a very loud squealing noise when we turn it on. So since it is 30 years old, we figured it was time for a new one. Another problem we had is a gurgling noise in one of our sinks whenever you pour water into the disposal side. (We had a double sink system.) So I wanted it replaced with a single sink. 

    Before with our old stainless steel double sink.

The new sink.

It is really deep too. I love it! I also love the spray handle nozzle.
You can pull it down, and swivel it side to side. You can stream
the water or spray it. It also has a soap dispenser. No
more bottles of dish soap all over the counters.

And I even organized underneath. Now that we have one
compact disposal in the middle under the sink. I had
room for this bucket. 
I can now just pull it out to access all my cleaning supplies.