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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Midwest Homeschool Convention Bible Devotionals and Curriculum I liked.

I also got to see some new curriculum up close and talk with the people that wrote it. I also went up knowing what I needed and really didn't deviate too much from my list. My priority was looking for something that would help me with my children in the writing process. I feel like I really was able to accomplish this goal at this convention.  I'll write another separate  post on this later.  

A few new things I really liked were:  Positive Action Bible Curriculum -These are very colorful workbooks.
Also it looked like it would be easy to implement 3 days a week. (If you want a more formal curriculum.)
We do devotions each morning and then both children have bible devotional type things to read at night, but this is an actual curriculum. I wouldn't order the teacher manuals for 2 different grade levels, but it looks easy enough to implement just using the student texts. You can learn more at

I also bought 3 Bible Champions Games. Since my son loves to play games anyway, I knew these would be great for fun as well as learning.

I also purchased this book

 His Mighty Warrior: Treasure Letters from Your King, Sheri Rose Shepherd (Hardcover)

I have God's Little Princess (Treasured Letters from your King.) And my daughter just loved it.
I also used it in our God's Girls (Keeper at Home club.) So I know my son will enjoy reading these with his dad.

I got my daughter Lexi Gotta Have God for Girls ages 6-9. We will use this as a summer devotional.