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Monday, May 31, 2010

Birds in our Yard

Well I have been bird watching again. I usually spend my mornings drinking coffee watching the birds at the feeder and trying to listen to the different songs. I have the bird song book. It has a picture of the bird and a couple of examples of it's song is recorded.

Lexi loves listening to all the different loon sounds. One really sounds sort of like a coyote. They are pretty spooky. Especially when she plays them in the daytime.

This is a song sparrow, we have a male and female couple that are usually in the front yard
around the tree with the feeder. They usually eat off the ground and seem to be living in
our Holly Tree.
This is the female, she usually stays better hidden in the grass.

The male is less fearful and usually ventures out in the open more.
The male song sparrow. Well have to think up some names for them, since
these are around every day.
Here are a couple of our birds that are often in our yard. They are the female and male Brown Thrasher. (It looks like she is really considering making her nest right out here in the open.)
As soon as she left, we went and stepped around and tried to spread some human sent there, to disuade her from doing so. (Being in the open would be sure heartache for her, especially with all the crows we have around in the back.) I'm trying to find a way to get rid of them. But my neighbors vegetable garden is pretty tempting for the crows.

These are also seen eating on the ground, not in feeders in the trees.