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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Homeschool Update

Well I wish I could say we are on summer break. But the kids still have
4 more math lessons to finish up.

We are not doing any more unit studies until fall.
We will continue some T4L LA and Math through the summer.
Just a little each day. I haven't figured out exactly how much yet.
I think we may do LA MWF and Math T, and Th.

And when we have guests in town we will take off from all schooling.
We may take 2 weeks off in June and July, so they will actually have 4 whole weeks off
with no work. They aren't real happy about it. But I think they still need to read
and do a little math over the summer months.

With Lexi I plan to do alot of MUS review. Go back and watch some of the videos
again with her, and work on some concepts. Especially borrowing in subtraction.

Peyton doesn't really need any remedial work, he just needs to stay on pace.