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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our refrigerator compressor went out. (Time for a new fridge.)

Okay now I am sure everyone must think this is a really boring post. But, well things like this pretty much excite me. (Getting a new fridge that is.) And of course I just want to include in this post that you might want to pass on a Frigidaire if you are ever in the market for a new refrigerator. Our first compressor went out under warranty (thankfully) just less than 3 years after getting it. (Over $200.00 worth of food ruined.)

So I must say I was surprised when I opened the freezer Saturday morning and water was dripping out of the ice maker. I realized most of the food had thawed over night. (Same story, 3 years later.) I am wondering if the compressor has an automatic go out switch around the three year mark.

We decided that we were not putting any money into this 6 year old machine. And actually right before this occurred my husband and I were discussing over coffee that we were not planning any other major purchases this year. In the last 90 days we have had to replace an AC unit,
A van alternator, a dishwasher that bit the dust, a new sink, we also just put in a rock garden around our deck and bought patio furniture for it. (And of course we needed a new grill.)
We have 3 new doors on order for the house as well.) So we were done with spending for this year. (Well, 15 minutes later we were facing another $$$ crisis.) Ugh.

So we spent literally all day Saturday researching refrigerators. We narrowed it down to LG and Samsung. The LG model we looked at had a 10 year compressor warranty. (Which we liked, but it only covered parts.) The Samsung warranty was 5 years for parts and labor. (As a standard warranty.) Thankfully our local Lowes had it in stock. We were able to drive about 4 miles down the road to look, see and touch the exact one we would be purchasing. And another great thing,
they had a Memorial Day Weekend Sale of 20% off. We explained our dilema to the gentleman assisting us. (And told him, our food was currently on ice in coolers.) Even though we had lost quite a bit. But again, thankfully our deep freeze had most of our frozen meats etc.

To our surprise they were able to deliver it first thing this morning.

Our old side by side Frigidaire. With the handles off.
The inside of the old Frigidaire
The new Samsung (rated #1 in customer satisfaction. Twin Cooling System.
French Door with pull out drawer freezer at bottom.
And shiny too!

Storage in Door for milk, easy access for kids. No more reaching for the top shelf for them.

Inside Food Pantry drawer with it's own temp controls.
I have it set on chill setting for meats and cheeses.
(I noticed we eat way to much cheese!)

Inside view, I love the cool blue LED Lights.
This was after a shopping trip to replace some items we lost.
Also the vegetable and fruit crispers have their own humidity controls.

Above-Close up view of bottom shelf, crispers and deli drawer.

Full view of inside of fridge before I went and bought more groceries. (This was just the stuff
we managed to save on ice over the last 24 hours.

This is the bottom freezer drawer. There is a deep bin below another pull out drawer,
for frequently used items. This has 2 large tubs of Ice Cream stacked.
On the right is a divider for frozen vegetables or whatever you choose.

Where the ice packs are (The smiley face, and cold compress, this is actually a lift drawer
to store 16" pizzas. But we don't eat frozen pizzas so it worked well for our ice packs and
other frozen smaller items.

The drawer above is the top freezer drawer inside the big pull out drawer. As
you can see the ice maker is on the left. Which can be turned off for additional storage.
But like I said we like alot of ice. And we often fill coolers with ice, or have company, so
the extra ice is really nice. Waffles and pancakes are easily accessible for the kids.

Anyway, I have been very pleased thus far with it. (I am very happy with Lowes as well.)
I added in another post about the shelves that pull out and how quiet it runs.
You can read it here.