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Monday, June 7, 2010

Rock Garden around deck-Done!

Well I never did post the final pics of the rock garden after we finished it.

So here they are. It is a big improvement. We also plan to rock the other flower bed at the back of the house. So all flower beds surrounding the house will be rock beds. (This will save us on mulching year after year.) We still have a few places we have to mulch. (Around the mailboxes and in one back flower bed.)

Our only other summer project is getting the deck painted. Which seems to be much harder to do because it rains so much. We have had pop up showers daily, and they are in the forecast daily too. The deck needs a day or two just to dry out so it can be painted. Then once you put paint down, it needs time to dry at least a good 12 -24 hours. But I guess having rain is better than not having it.