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Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer School Update, this week

This week in our homeschool, Peyton is reviewing division. Lesson 26 MUS, He is also learning how to find the area of a cube. And then figure how many gallons of water a certain dimensioned pool might need. He has finished up all his 4th grade T4L LA lessons. (And is working now on extensions daily.)

Lexi is working on subtraction (regrouping) in thousands. And reviewing time, and talley marks.
Lesson 26. We stopped earlier and didn't finish HOP so we will be reading the chapter books in Box 4 and doing T4L LA.

So for those that think I push the kids to hard, making them school in the summer time, it really only takes them an hour a day to do their lessons. I really feel they need to continue to work on math and LA during the summer even when they finish their MUS books. (They are on lesson 26 and have 30 lessons.) After that they can do a little T4L math review. We will be taking off 4 weeks during the summer at some point.

We don't have alot of plans for the summer, Jessica, Gary's daughter is coming for a visit at the end of June. I really just want some down time this summer. Where we are not running every where.

Peyton is in his 2nd week of Spring Training for PeeWee football. So he has practice every night this week. Lexi is in VBS at night.

I am also trying to get in some guitar time, with my new Learn and Master the Guitar program.
And trying to catch up on some household organization, and cleaning, etc.