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Monday, August 30, 2010

China: Making Paper

During our China unit we read "The Story Of Paper". Since China is accredited with the invention of paper, we decided to make some.

We used this Bill Nye Paper Recycling Kit.

Everything you need comes in the kit except for the paper scraps.
I already had some construction paper scraps from previous projects so
we used them. First we soaked them in water.
Then we put them in a blender. (Now it comes with a little plastic blender.
It did okay but didn't really get it to a pulpy consistency that I thought was fine enough.
So I used my Kitchen Aid blender. (It turned it all into purple pulp.)

The kit comes with different shapes. So you can make it in a star or rectangle image.
Here we are using the rectangle.

You set it under the pulpy water so the screen catches some of it.
Then the water drains and you have paper parts left.

This is the part that didn't work to well. You use one of the cleaning pads and place it over the paper and then flip it. (It is supposed to come off.) Well it didn't want to. (And we tried this twice.) Now it could be because we mixed the pulp too fine.
(So maybe using my home blender aided in this failure.)
As you see the paper is stuck to the screen. I had to pry it off with a knife, gently
and of course the rectangle is now pretty sloppy. (Yeah the star is too.)

So here is the rectangle finally pried off. Then it is placed
between two plates and squeezed. (The kit comes with the squeezing plates.)

Then you leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Here is the star being left to dry.
Here is what the paper looked like after drying.
I guess I could use them for some
craft projects.