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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Co-op is back in session

One of the things we are able to take advantage of here in our area is a local co-op.
We meet once a week with other homeschool families. Different classes are offered by volunteer moms.

These are the classes I offered this semester.

Grammar Punk for grades 3-5 (You can see more here).
Grammar Punk extended (This class actually just came up today since another class got cancelled.) So I offered a remedial class for the younger ones. 1-3rd grade. We will work on sentences and word building more on their level.
Tennessee History Grades 1-3
God's Girls (Keepers at Home) we do a short devotional each week and are learning to play the recorder and making latch hook hangings.

It is a nice day away from home, getting to spend some time with other families. The kids love it.

Another thing I particularly love about our co-op is that we do not allow teachers to charge.
We allow them to ask for a class supply fee. Which keeps the cost down.