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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Science Class is a Zoo!

That is the theme our Zoo has for it's weekly Homeschool Tuesday classes.

The classes began in Mid August. This month we have been learning about Geology.

The first week we covered rocks and minerals. We looked at them under the microscope,
learned what a mineral and what a rock were.

The 2nd week we learned about Volcanoes, Why they occur, famous volcanoes in history, types of volcanoes etc. We did a cool experiment where he inserted a needle with red food coloring into a pan of jello. (From underneath.) This caused the red food coloring to go into the jello and spread.
This showed what happens with magma. Then he did the experiment again with more pressure and made it shoot up through the jello. (Sort of like a volcanic eruption.)

This week we learned about earthquakes. We did another experiment.
A pan of jello, when tapped on the side you see the jello shake just like
the earth's crust would. He topped the jello with a sugar cube to show what
happens to building on the earth.

We also went out to see the elephants where the kids learned that not only did they have an incredible sense of hearing, but (based on 9 different accounts) that when the Tsunami hit Thailand that the elephants ran for high ground prior to the waves hitting shore. Even elephants that were actually chained for working purposes, broke their chains to head for higher ground… You can read more about the amazing animals sensing the waves crashing into the Indian coast here