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Monday, September 20, 2010

Curriculum change....

One of the great things about homeschooling is that you can change things when needed. You have the flexibility to try different curriculum to see which best suits you and your child's needs.
Of course you don't want to spend alot of money and then find things aren't working. Thankfully I haven't made a huge investment in these materials, I have decided to set aside for now.)

I had tried piecing things together myself from various sources. Which I mentioned in a previous post. The biggest problem was that my son was wore out at the end of the day from all the different assignments. So I decided to go back to LifePac's. I used them before for him in 1st-2nd grade and he did well in them. I really think I should have just stuck with them. They may not be the most exciting curriculum, but again nothing really excites him about school anyway.

Lexi spent alot of today in tears over the vocabulary in the Sylvan workbook. (Even though we have been over the words several times, she is still struggling.)
Some of this weeks words were "humongous, enormous, minuscule, inferior." So I went back over the LifePac Diagnostic LA test with her. I will start on a couple late 2nd grade lifepacs I have. (That I feel she might need some work on some of the concepts. ) Contractions, r-controlled vowels etc. Plus the spelling will be easier for her.) Then I will move her into 3rd grade lifepacs. Another great things is that most of them can be obtained free on Pbswap.

They are comprehensive and cover the same subject matter as many books I was using individually. So for now I have set aside the Spectrum Reading, and LA, Sylvan Vocabulary,
Just Write, Spelling workout and Just Write book. (We are going to see how he does with just one workbook a day in LA and Math. I am also setting aside the 3rd grade Sylvan Super Workbook.
Maybe at the end of third grade and over the summer we can do some of that.

This semester we are really going to devote 90% of our home-school day to the 3R's. Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. I think these are the most critical things in elementary education anyway.

I was recently reading on the Singapore Math Yahoo group, that many people who use Singapore Math spend at least 50% of their day on math. (Which I have to say I found amazing.) We usually spend 10-20 minutes a day on math. (And I think it is time to really put more focus on it.) I want to add in more puzzles and critical thinking problems.

So for now -for math we will use Singapore Math 5 for Peyton and continue Lexi in MUS Gamma.