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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Down on the Farm at the Fair

Our fair has a program each year called Down on the Farm at the Fair.
We can schedule a home-school group to attend this event.
During it we go around to stations and the children learn about Tennessee Farm
products, animals, etc.

Our home-school group.
The clown painted their faces.
This is how much one cow eats in a day. They would also drink one bathtub full of water.
A milking hookup.
Farm products.
All kinds of fur were in this blanket, including himalayan cat fur, collie fur and human hair.
Petting and learning about bunnies.
The girls and the clown.

Lexi got to milk a real live cow.
Peyton roping a fake steer. From the front!
Feeding the goats at the petting zoo.
Chicks only a few days old.
Incubator where chicks were hatching every few minutes while we watched.
A silver fox, I had never seen one before.
I thought it was funny that this tortoise was in the middle of all these goats.
My first time every seeing a Zonkey.
This was soooo cute. These little ducks would swim over to the stairs and climb up.
At the top the feeder was a little stretched in front. So they could nibble for a few seconds.
But another chick in the back would always push the front ones down the slide.
A Highland Cow.
These goats were butting heads.

Finally a funnel cake and then we were ready to leave! It was a warm day here in TN.