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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Even more cards...

Well I have been in a crafting mood lately. My craft room seems to summon me. Perhaps it is because the remote is always unavailable now. (Due to all sports teams being on tv.) I like NFL football, but except for watching the Longhorns -I'm not much into college football.

A fall card.

An embellished card. I added the flowers and the wish embellishment.
I added the middle flower arrangement. The card was a blank card with the pretty pink background.
A Gel smiley face sun and hey there sticker.

More cards here just following the pattern, to cover up the thank you with some other embellishments making the cards useful for other purposes.

A masculine Birthday Card. They clear sticker embellishment at top says "Enjoy your birthday."

I added the three flowers, button centers, and sticker.
Of course it is always nice to have a stamped envelope too.