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Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Cards

I ran across these packaged cards 10 in a pack with envelopes for $1.00. So I thought
they were cute, had fall colors and would be easy to embellish. Also the back doesn't have
writing so I could add my own stamp to personalize the cards. This is what they looked like out
of the pack.

(Anyway, the main reason I put these on my blog is so I have a record of the card.)
So many times I make a card, and give it away then I don't remember it.)
So I wanted to remember some of them.

Here is one I made into a birthday card, just by adding a simple sticker/die cut embellishment.
I like adding a stamp to the envelope to personalize it a little more.

A Thanksgiving Card. I sewed around the card stamped area.

Used stamps, Ribbon and a stick on flower.

This is the M stamp I use to personalize the back of the card.