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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From the teacher's desk.

This week (September 13-17th) in home-school we have been studying Korea.
We watched a DVD called "Families in Korea." It was very informative. I love the way the children tell about their lives. It isn't like a boring documentary.
We read in Windows to the World about the state of North Korea.
We looked at North and South Korea on a map, and discussed what a peninsula was.
We will be coloring the flags and labeling on the map both North and South Korea.
We also learned that Korea is very hilly. (And if it could be ironed flat it would be almost as big as Texas.

We also visited some websites to learn more about Korea. This was interesting.
It was something to see how much money has been spent on roads, but there are so few cars actually on the roads.

We read: My name is Yoon, Good-bye, 382 Shin Dang Dong, and The Trip Back Home.

For Zoo class we finished up Paleontology.
For a field trip we went to Down Home on the farm at the fair.
And Thursday we went to co-op. Getting in Grammar Punk, Vocabulary, Civics, God's Girls Club,
Tennessee History and Chess.

In other concepts; Peyton is working on punctuation and capitalization in grammar, and fractions, greatest common denominator and least common multiple in math.

Lexi is working on compound words in spelling and on genres in reading comprehension.