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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This Week's Study-Japan

Monday we read a missionary story about Japan (Adventures of our World-Abeka), We read about the people and history of Japan in Window to the World.
We colored the flag and map of Japan.

Today was so much fun. We read a book called "The Way We Do it in Japan". We saw a dvd called "Families of Japan, " then we made pretend sushi rolls. It was part of the Turtle Bay activities listed in the unit-available at Homeschoolshare. (Even though we won't read Turtle Bay until Friday, I decided to do the activity today.) I halved the recipe, since there were only
3 of us and I didn't want that many sushi rolls.
(As it is I still had enough cereal/marshmallow mixture left for 3 rice cakes. )

Here are some pictures.

The ingredients, melted butter, marshmallows, fruit roll ups, rice crispy cereal, and gummy worms. We talked about what each of our items might represent in real sushi.
The cereal would represent the rice, the fruit roll up would represent seaweed. The gummies
could represent eel, shrimp, raw fish, etc.
This was an icky mess. But it was fun trying to put it on the skinny roll up.
It was globby, I am sure real rice would be easier to mold to the seaweed.

I think the kids did a little "rice" taste testing while putting it on.

Attempting to roll them up. I found it easier to do it by placing the roll up on the side
and rolling it that way. So the bar supported one side and I supported the other.
After we managed to roll them up. (The worms were scary looking inside it.)
But they added dimension and color.
Then I cut them into 1/2 inch slices.
And of course, we had to break out the chopsticks to give it a try. It was pretty easy
to pick them up, since they were so sticky.
The kids loved them. They say the love "Sushi" now. (Yeah, well "Pretend sushi" at least.
(Not sure we will be adding real sushi to our food list any time soon.)