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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Decorations

It has normally been our tradition to begin Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. But the last few years we have traveled for Thanksgiving. So we didn't get to begin until Monday.

Gary put up the outside decorations over the porch Monday night, and he started getting out many other decorations.

It has been a little harder on me this year, since I sprained my ankle right before our Trip. So I have to keep it up, and ice/heat it regularly. I am really surprised it isn't better. (I'm not one for long drawn out injuries.) Talk about a thorn in your side. I hate not being able to do everything I want and need to do.

The kids put up their trees in their rooms yesterday. The only thing I helped with was the lights.


Last night he put up the tree, the kids fluffed it. I helped with the garland, and some of the glass blown ornaments. But the kids did a great job doing most of it.