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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good Morning America!

Well I am finally getting on my soapbox here! We finally broke down and decided to pay the even higher fee from our local cable provider so we could get a DVR! Our main reason, to fast forward through all the garbage commerical and tv program advertisements! But even that can't do it all. There are times when you need to be able to watch live programming. (But WAKE up America!, there is a price to pay for doing so!)

I have had it with all the "garbage" advertisements for "garbage" shows that
networks are now trying to promote all day long.

Not only do we have to suffer through many offensive tv ads now from Burger King, Jack in the Box, Hardees, and the list goes on and on. Some of the most offensive advertising I see is when you are watching a family, sports or news program and the offensive advertisements for other tv shows come on.

Here is just one example. Just this morning I turned the TV to Good Morning America. (ABC) Now I have to admit, this is not a show I normally watch. But with snow in the area, I was trying to catch a road update for our area. (And this is one channel I can find that will give me local road info.) My husband and son were both watching the show with me. A commercial comes on advertising some show that will be on sometime later that day or week?? This advertisement proceeds to show two people half dressed in an intimate situation. The guy suddenly changes and his teeth grow and his mouth starts to look like venom in Spider man. (At this point, we are trying to turn our heads, because this is just gross!) The fact that he is with a woman, shows an even greater degree of disgust-and a totally abnormal situation. Now these images are still in my mind and my son's mind. My son is only 10 so he is not even at the age of understanding of these type of intimate situations much less between some half human or whatever it might be.

Okay so how is this okay?. This guy is with a woman in an intimate situation and then he begins to turn into some type of vampire person? And this is supposed to be entertainment?

How can this ad seem normal to the producers of this show, especially between 7:30-8:15 in the morning? Not that any time would have been good, but if they have to advertise for these shows why don't they advertise "garbage" shows during other "garbage" show programming times. That is when the "garbage" viewing audience is watching anyway, and those are the people they want to advertise to.

So is this really how ABC wants to say GOOD MORNING AMERICA?

Just so you know I will be sending ABC a letter today, and my local station, and to Good Morning America! This has really just gone too far!