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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Craft Room Creations

Here is a card I made a few weeks ago, for my mother's upcoming birthday.

It is a dimensional card. Multiple copies are taped onto each other to get the 3D effect. I used foam mounting tape for the added dimension.

Our Science Class is a Zoo!

That is the theme our Zoo has for it's weekly Homeschool Tuesday classes.

The classes began in Mid August. This month we have been learning about Geology.

The first week we covered rocks and minerals. We looked at them under the microscope,
learned what a mineral and what a rock were.

The 2nd week we learned about Volcanoes, Why they occur, famous volcanoes in history, types of volcanoes etc. We did a cool experiment where he inserted a needle with red food coloring into a pan of jello. (From underneath.) This caused the red food coloring to go into the jello and spread.
This showed what happens with magma. Then he did the experiment again with more pressure and made it shoot up through the jello. (Sort of like a volcanic eruption.)

This week we learned about earthquakes. We did another experiment.
A pan of jello, when tapped on the side you see the jello shake just like
the earth's crust would. He topped the jello with a sugar cube to show what
happens to building on the earth.

We also went out to see the elephants where the kids learned that not only did they have an incredible sense of hearing, but (based on 9 different accounts) that when the Tsunami hit Thailand that the elephants ran for high ground prior to the waves hitting shore. Even elephants that were actually chained for working purposes, broke their chains to head for higher ground… You can read more about the amazing animals sensing the waves crashing into the Indian coast here

Monday, August 30, 2010

Peyton's First Pee Wee Football Game

Peyton played in his first PeeWee Football game this past Saturday night.
He played as part of the kickoff team and also as a safety for the defense on a few plays.
They did a great job and won 52-0.

Homeschooling Update: China

We are are almost finished with our China study.

So far we have read many books on China.
Read about Missionaries that have lived in China.

We watched an animated movie about Gladys Aylward. It is from the Torchlighters heroes of the Faith series. (I was very impressed with it.) I learned alot, and it was a much better way to convey her story to children than just reading about it in a book.

aylward jacket

I am so blessed that my library actually had this dvd available.
In fact they have the whole series available.
Also after you watch the video, you can go to the website for a short quiz, puzzle activity,
coloring pages, and some have related crafts.

We also watched the video about Eric Liddell from the same Heroes of the Faith Series.

We read a book about life in Tibet.

Today we read a story called "The Story of Paper" and we are recycling paper from scraps.
You can see our process here.

We also did some mini books for our lapbook as we learned about things in China.

China Lapbook

During our Study of China, I pulled different lapbook components from HSS and Enchanted Learning. I decided which things I wanted the kids to write about.

These cards go inside the What would I find in China Pocket.

Coloring Page on Gladys Alward from Heroes of the Faith Video
Q/A on Gladys Alward
Chinese numbers
Enchanted Learning China map page
We learned about the children of China and the education system.
The children go to school for many more hours a day than we do.
They also have alot more homework and all wear uniforms.

The alphabet has thousands of characters vs. our 26 character alphabet.

China: Making Paper

During our China unit we read "The Story Of Paper". Since China is accredited with the invention of paper, we decided to make some.

We used this Bill Nye Paper Recycling Kit.

Everything you need comes in the kit except for the paper scraps.
I already had some construction paper scraps from previous projects so
we used them. First we soaked them in water.
Then we put them in a blender. (Now it comes with a little plastic blender.
It did okay but didn't really get it to a pulpy consistency that I thought was fine enough.
So I used my Kitchen Aid blender. (It turned it all into purple pulp.)

The kit comes with different shapes. So you can make it in a star or rectangle image.
Here we are using the rectangle.

You set it under the pulpy water so the screen catches some of it.
Then the water drains and you have paper parts left.

This is the part that didn't work to well. You use one of the cleaning pads and place it over the paper and then flip it. (It is supposed to come off.) Well it didn't want to. (And we tried this twice.) Now it could be because we mixed the pulp too fine.
(So maybe using my home blender aided in this failure.)
As you see the paper is stuck to the screen. I had to pry it off with a knife, gently
and of course the rectangle is now pretty sloppy. (Yeah the star is too.)

So here is the rectangle finally pried off. Then it is placed
between two plates and squeezed. (The kit comes with the squeezing plates.)

Then you leave it to dry for 24 hours.

Here is the star being left to dry.
Here is what the paper looked like after drying.
I guess I could use them for some
craft projects.

Monday, August 23, 2010

What the kids learned in church yesterday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Co-op is back in session

One of the things we are able to take advantage of here in our area is a local co-op.
We meet once a week with other homeschool families. Different classes are offered by volunteer moms.

These are the classes I offered this semester.

Grammar Punk for grades 3-5 (You can see more here).
Grammar Punk extended (This class actually just came up today since another class got cancelled.) So I offered a remedial class for the younger ones. 1-3rd grade. We will work on sentences and word building more on their level.
Tennessee History Grades 1-3
God's Girls (Keepers at Home) we do a short devotional each week and are learning to play the recorder and making latch hook hangings.

It is a nice day away from home, getting to spend some time with other families. The kids love it.

Another thing I particularly love about our co-op is that we do not allow teachers to charge.
We allow them to ask for a class supply fee. Which keeps the cost down.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

14 years ago today.

I said "I do" to Gary. It has been an amazing adventure.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mountain Music 20th Annual Kids Bass Tournament

Well this was our 3rd year participating in the Mountain Music Kids Bass Tournament.

Gary and Lexi weighed in 2.75 pounds. (Peyton and I didn't have any fish.)
In 34th place they won $100.00. Peyton received a great spinning rod and quantum real as a consolation price. (All the kids receive something just for entering.)

We got fed lunch and dinner. (And it was a great time, except for the downpour that put a little damper on the early food festivities.) Fortunately it quit raining in time for the actual tournament.

Dad gave some of the cash winnings to Lexi.
So she plans to visit Build A Bear to buy another friend.

Curriculum, Books and Toys for Sale

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