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Monday, November 29, 2010

Texas Trip more pictures

Lexi and Peyton with Papa.

Nana with Peyton and Lexi
Tina and Lexi
Thanksgiving Day at Cody's house. Billy, Granny, Gary, Lanna, Joe and Sandy.
Watching a movie in the Jeep.
Lexi and Papa Joe, with a picture frame we got him.

The kids had a great time at Uncle Billy's. They all got to ride some horses.

In Town
On the tracks.
Lexi with Jaden and Lanna at Antique Queens

Texas Trip

We went to Texas for Thanksgiving to visit family and friends.
Our first stop was in Killeen to visit our friends Gus and Debbie. We also got
to have lunch with my cousin John Paul.
On Wednesday Lexi and Peyton got to spend the day with their cousins.
We went to visit the Historic Train Depot. Here the kids were learning about the telegraph and how messages used to be sent.

Here Peyton got a ticket to Las Vegas. Not sure what he wanted to do there.
He did mention they might have arcades.
Here he is in line getting the ticket.
Seeing the electric trains.
Watching the blacksmith.

On the swing at Aunt Lanna's house with cousins, Tyler, Christian, Jaden and Austin.
Peyton, Lexi, Austin and Jaden
Lexi with Granny at Antique Queens
Lexi with Papa Joe at Uncle Billy's House.